Series of Eating Yufu Clear Water Rice, Part 2

The employees gathered together and held a home party at their homes (although the number of people was small because of these times) to eat delicious Yufu-Clear-Water-Rice.

We made a rice accompaniment to eat with Yufu-Clear-Water-Rice using “Chirimenjako” from Takahashi-Suisan, which we collaborated on the “Take-Han-Go!” project, here’s what we made for you!


At first, we have to cook Yufu-Clear-Water-Rice.


Today we cooked rice with the HARIO glass-top rice cooker with a glass lid while watching the bubbles buzzing.

▶▶For more information on how to cook a delicious rice, please see this post I mentioned before.


Finaly, we cooked some shiny, delicious rice!


Next, we made a variety of accompaniments to rice using “chirimenjako” (dried baby sardines) from Takahashi-Suisan.

Of course, you can eat “chirimenjako” on hot rice as it is, but we tried to cook it with various ideas.


grated radish and “chirimenjako”


“chirimenjako” and cheese


green onion and “chirimenjako”


marinated “chirimenjako”


“chirimenjako” toast (We forgot to take a picture of the finished it…….no “chirimenjako” on it yet)


Korean pancake with “chirimenjako” (also in the middle of cooking…We’ll fry it in a frying pan afterwards to make it crispy)


Wr were so absorbed in eating it that we forgot to take a picture of it 💦.

It was the night of the Chirimenjako Festival, and they were all delicious accompaniments to the rice!


By the way, we had “Takakiya’s Sake” and “Ajimu Wine” with our meal.

Both are delicious sake from Oita.


In fact, We couldn’t eat it all and made the leftover rice into a rice ball, but we forgot to take a picture of this one too. We did…how crazy are we about eating it? Sorry.

But of course, they were so delicious, both as rice ball and even when cold 😊.

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